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5 Steps Process

  1. Fill US Visa Form (Individual form for all applicant)
  2. Pay USD Visa Fees USD$185 (Rs. 15450/-)
  3. Schedule Appointment ( Finger Print + Interview )
  4. Visit VFS for Finer-Print 
  5. Visit Consulate for Interview as per appointment 

Document Check-List

Generic Documents

  • Original Passport (Current & Old Passport) – Current Passport must be valid for min 1 Year from date of Visa appointment 
  • Visa Form
  • Visa Fee Paid receipt  

Financial Documents

  • Personal Latest Bank Balance Certificate with Bank Seal & Signature till With Good Balance.
  • Personal Income Tax Papers Last 03 Yrs.
  • If Applicant Is Employee – Salary Slip For Last 03 Months + NOC To Travel From Employer.
  • If Applicant Is Director Of His Company Than Memorandum Of Association / Articles Of Association.
  • If Applicant is retire then need Retirement letter

Purpose of Travel

  • Most Important Document / Information 

Documents from USA  – Host (if applicable)

  • Passport & Visa Copy/ If Citizen than passport copy
  • Formal Invitation letter mentioning travel dates & expense clause
  • Tenancy Agreement copy/ if own residential house than light bill/ gas bill copy for last 03 months
  • Salary Slip for last 03 months
  • Bank statement for last 03 months
  • Income Tax Returns of last 03 years

Additional Documents

  • Tour Plan Along With Hotel Booking; Tickets Etc.
  • For Student Bonafide certificate from school/college along with school or college id card copy.

Location for Finger-Print and Interview:

  • New Delhi / Mumbai / Hyderabad / Chennai / Kolkatta 
  • Ahmedabad & Bangalore are new proposed locations 

Kindly Note:

  • This is Generic Information and depending on case, we shall provide customized checklist 
  • Please note USA Embassy: Interview is mandatory for all applicants above 14 Years below 80 Years. 
  • In some cases interview waiver is available, especially where applicant has held USA Visitor Visa in past 

We make our best effort for your application, but Issuance of VISA or Time Taken or Requirement of Further  document / Information is Prerogative of Embassy / Visa Counsel.

We recommend applying for VISA minimum 3 MONTHS before proposed travel date.

 For More Details, Speak to our Visa Expert

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