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Why Study in Canada

In the recent years, Canada has seen an impressive increase in education tourism, so much so that it has become the education hub in the past few years.  According to a survey by the UN, Canada is claimed to now have become one of the Top 3 countries in the world to study and live. The peace loving, friendly, secure and caring nature of the country is what attracts students from all across the world. Thanks to the constitutional monarchy of the country that believes in diversity, equality and respect of all individuals. The country also ranks high in employment, entrepreneurship and tourism based on the several international surveys performed.

Higher education in Canada, also called as postsecondary education, is available in private and government supported institutions. These institutions offer formal education and are degree granting, which also lures most students who wish to study and work in the country.

10 Reasons to Study in Canada

1. World class institutions and their high quality education

2. Wide range of courses and programmes to choose from

3. Lower cost of education

4. Multiple student scholarship opportunities

5. Open opportunity to immigrate

6. Safe and peaceful atmosphere

7. Deep democratic values and multicultural country

8. Visa Acquisition is easier compared to other countries

9. Multiple working opportunities for students

10. Beautiful landscape

Degrees awarded by the Canadian Higher Education Institutes

·         Certificate Level (1 year)

·         Diploma Level (2 years)

·         Advanced Diploma (3 years)

·         Fast Track Diplomas or Advanced Diploma (1 or 2 years, depends on course)

·         Post Graduate Diploma/ Certificate (1 or 2 years, depends on course)

·         Master’s Degree (1 or 2 years)

·         M.Phil Degree (2 years)

·         Doctorate/ PhD (4 to 7 years)

Universities in Canada

In Canada, there are approximately 163 public and private, recognised universities and about 183 other recognised public institutes and colleges for students who wish to study in the country. Here is the list of Top 10 universities for students looking for foreign study in Canada.

1.       University of Toronto

2.       University if British Columbia

3.       University of Waterloo

4.       McGill University

5.       University of Montreal

6.       University of Alberta

7.       McMaster University

8.       University of Calgary

9.       Simon Fraser University

10.   Queen’s University

Courses You Can Choose to Study in Canada for Indian Students

·         Engineering (all specializations)

·         Business Management

·         Health Sciences

·         Hospitality Management

·         Information Technology

·         Telecommunications

·         Media and Communications

·         Animation / VFX/Graphic Designing

·         Fine Arts

·         Computer Science

·         Environmental Science

Student Life in Canada

A beautiful blend of natural beauty with modern urban life, Canada is home to art galleries, shopping malls, cafeterias, exhibition halls, theatres, cafeterias, public gardens, sports and leisure facilities, beaches and more. Students can study and also enjoy cultural festivals that are held in Calgary, Montreal, and other states. The country is peaceful with a crime rate that has decreased over the past few years. Every university in the country has 24X7 campus security that includes security patrol cars and a campus security office which allows foreign students to walk freely and safely.