Why Study in UK

A democratic country with the fairest set of principles, the United Kingdom is known for its legal system, mature culture, rich history, love for art, local attraction and a wide range of universities! The United Kingdom includes Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales and is home to the world’s famous 4000 year old mysterious Stonehenge, apart from other attractions such as the Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, the Buckingham Palace, the Windsor Palace, and many more.

In the past, it was considered as a matter of prestige for Indian students to study in some of the most prominent universities of UK. Today, the country has over 1.4 million Indians residing in the UK, mostly students, which makes it very easy for new students to accommodate and adjust in the new country. Studying and Living in the UK offers you the chance to live a beautiful urban lifestyle, civic infrastructure and a blend of modern and ancient civilization. The food, like its culture is rich, diverse and delicious. Studying in the Universities in UK, promises you a stable career and future.

10 Reasons to Study in UK

1. Remarkable International Reputation

2. World Leader in Research

3. Advanced Pedagogical Methodology

4. Wider array of Courses

5. Flexible choice to Customize your Degree

6. Ever-Growing Popularity

7. Comparatively Lower cost of Education than USA

8. Various Scholarships and Work Opportunities in UK

9. Great Opportunity to enhance your English Skills

10.  Chance to experience and enjoy the unique Culture and Lifestyle in UK

Degrees awarded in the UK

·         Undergraduate Degree

·         Masters Degree

Universities in UK                                                                                                                                                                   

The United Kingdom has a vast number of universities, almost all ranking high in the list of World’s top Universities 2016-2017. Almost 71 UK universities are ranked in the QS World University Rankings. Four of these universities are ranked in the top 10 while other 26 universities are ranked in the top 200 universities of the world.

·         University of Cambridge

·         University of Oxford

·         University College London (UCL)

·         University of Edinburgh

·         Imperial College of London

·         University of Manchester

·         King’s College London (KCL)

·         University if Bristol

·         London School of Economics and Political Science

·         University of Warwick

Courses You Can Choose to Study in USA for Indian Students

·         Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering

·         Accounting & Finance

·         Art & Design

·         Architecture

·         Civil Engineering

·         Economics

·         Computer Science

·         Business Management Studies

·         Dentistry

·         Creative Writing

·         Electrical & Electronic Engineering

·         Food Science

·         English Literature

·         Medicine

·         Marketing

·         Mechanical Engineering

·         Law

·         Psychology

·         Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation and Tourism

Student Life in UK

Education in UK is far more enhanced than the education offered in other countries. There are almost 10,000 courses offered in the various British Universities, which nurture and also develop the future life of the students. The security system provided in the universities is professional and the students get exposure to a diverse array of backgrounds. The courses also allow the students to look for full-time and part-time working options, along with other educational options such as eLearning, Distance learning and evening learning programmes.