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Why Study in USA

The United States of America has been the most sought after country for studies and immigration by students from all across the world. It is known as the land of opportunities for students who look forward to a brighter and successful future. The country is considered as the world’s oyster, especially if you wish to fulfil all your dreams. Right from technological innovations to scientific exploration, art and architecture, USA is home to every profession and culture. And this makes the country a perfect mix of different cultures and styles.

With the widest number of universities, colleges and institutions, the USA sees more than 800,000 students from different countries every year, opting the country as the best destination for abroad education. Apart from its well known educational structure, the country also offers an equally strong and sturdy financial structure system. USA opens the gates to a wide variety of career opportunities to international students.

The American education system offers a very all-inclusive coursework to its students which equally focuses on practical experimentation along with perfect theoretical learning. The courses or classes are thoughtfully structured in a way so that the students are able to create their personalized curriculum and get to study what they are passionate about. The campus life is also bonus for the students which is inclusive of clubs, extracurricular activities, sororities and various associations that help in developing leadership skills. These activities also help the students get scholarship and enhance their analytical skills.

It is due to these programmes, universities and learning centers that USA sees hundreds of business students, engineers, lawyers and doctors graduating and honing their skills every year in the best multinational firms.

10 Reasons to Study in USA

1. High Quality of Education

2. Huge Range of Educational Courses and Programmes

3. Flexible and all-inclusive course structure

4. Great Multiple education funding and scholarship opportunities

5. International degree and experience that gives a boost to your CV

6. Great Research and Training opportunities

7. Get part-time job opportunities to support your study and stay

8. Exclusive and vibrant campus life

9. Post Study Work Right (Work Permit) in USA

10. Wider Career opportunities

Degrees awarded in the USA

The universities in the USA offer a variety of degrees to its students. The degrees offered to all students are:

University Level (First Stage)

·         Associate Degree (AA)

·         Bachelor’s Degree (BS, BA)

·         Post-Bachelor’s Diploma/ Certificate

University Level (Second Stage)

·         Master’s Degree Without Thesis (MS, MA Mengg)

·         Master’s Degree Research With Thesis (MS, MA, Mengg)

University Level Third Stage

·         Doctorate (Phd)

Universities in USA

·         Stanford University

·         Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

·         California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

·         Princeton University

·         Harvard University

·         University of Chicago

·         Cornell University

·         Yale University

·         University of Pennsylvania

·         Johns Hopkins University

Courses You Can Choose to Study in USA for Indian Students

·         Aeronautics and Aviation Science

·         STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

·         Medical Science

·         Nursing

·         Business Administration

·         Biotechnology

·         Physical Therapy

·         Computer Science and IT

·         Hospitality

·         Political Science and International Relations

Student Life in USA

Universities in the USA are known for providing the best student facilities in the world. With systematized safety plans, safety resources and work permit, students in the USA experience the epitome of fun, freedom and most importantly opportunities.

The natives welcome all International students with open hands, while universities offer good on-campus accommodation facilities that inspire the students to socialize along with studying their courses. Every town in the country is known for their vibrant night-life, clubs, live shows and entertaining zones. Students get to experience and enjoy the urban culture and the wide range of opportunities.

Safety Support Services in the USA for International Students

·         International Student Counsellors

·         Language Tuition

·         Visa Application and processing assistance

·         Orientation programmes for students on arrival

·         Health, lodging, counselling and employment services