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Welcome to Apply Overseas, the premier Study Abroad institute of Gujarat and preferred choice of students seeking to receive high quality global education and career enhancement.

Today, India stands at the horizon of global educational revolution. Indian students are vying at academic success in overseas countries for various reasons including; enhancing career prospects, settlement, global exposure, intellectual challenges and to follow long standing Interests, among many others. Such personal goals are edging students to acquire, perform and compete in the growing competitive international arena. Foreign universities and colleges offer unparalleled opportunities in niche areas for building a career of high quality and repute. Such degrees boast of international acceptance, recognition and reputation. However, with enormous alternatives available in different countries students get bogged down by these choices. They lack the expertise to make rational decisions based on scientific and psychographic analysis. Besides, the process of studying abroad is unique and different for every student. There are several aspects like counselling, talent and aptitude identification, career goals, finances, visas, post settlement issues that need to be considered while making choices. Thus, students need right guidance at every step to achieve their goals. Apply Overseas provides the apt gateway to the road for overseas education maintaining high quality values and ethics.

Apply Overseas offers unconditional and customised support to students in order to help them discover their latent needs, aptitude and expectations through a methodical process. Operating since 2001, it offers professional career guidance to the Indian student community seeking global academic exposure. The comprehensive services include guidance and counselling, career selection, course and university selection, financial and visa expertise and the team at Apply Overseas assists them in every possible aspect till they land in the country of their choice.

Our values of transparency, honesty and ethics are imbibed in each team member making Apply Overseas the preferred consultant amongst students and their parents. Now, standing at this juncture of professional journey, we are looking at forging new relationships with academic institutions throughout the world so that we are better prepared to fulfill the diverse needs of the vast Indian student community. In pursuit of the same goal, we are keen to associate with esteemed institutions throughout the globe. These associations will go a long way in benefiting the Indian student community. So, let us join hands together and take a pledge to serve the community with honesty and professionalism.