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Why Study in New Zealand

Studying abroad in New Zealand has always been a major attraction amongst the younger inquisitive minds from across the world. The country offers a huge range academic opportunities to its foreign students, in some of its top universities at an affordable fee and enhanced cost of living which is difficult to be found in any other part of the world. Over the past few years, New Zealand has become the primary choice of a lot of international students who look forward to the best quality of education overseas that also gives them the chance to explore new ideas and arenas to stand out from the regular crowd. On the basis of these factors, New Zealand became one of the foremost countries in the world, providing world- class education to its International students.

10 Reasons to Study in New Zealand

1. Home to world-renowned colleges and universities

2. Comparatively flexible with student entries

3. Easy acquisition of Visa and Residency

4. Easy job permit to students

5. Easy post-study job rights

6. Welcoming and a safer Environment

7. Beautiful country to explore

8. Chance to stay back and settle

9. Wide range of Scholarship in the Universities

10. Highly cost-effective

Degrees and Qualifications awarded by Institutes in New Zealand

When applying for a bachelors degree in New Zealand, make sure to check about the duration for the Bachelor’s Degree.

Undergraduate Courses Offered

·         Graduate Diploma

·         Graduate Certificate

·         Bachelor’s Degree

·         Bachelor’s Degree with Honours

Post Graduate Courses

·         Post Graduate Certificate

·         Post Graduate Diploma

·         Masters Degree

·         Doctorates

Universities in Canada

New Zealand has wide number of government universities along with and private institutes that offer you with a wider range of courses to choose from. Based on the recent QS World University Rankings, all 8 Universities of New Zealand have sustained the position internationally.

8 Universities in New Zealand

·       Auckland University of Technology

·       Lincoln University

·       University of Canterbury

·       University of Auckland

·       Massey University

·       University of Otago

·       University of Waikato

·       Victoria University of Wellington

Courses You Can Choose to Study in Canada for Indian Students

·         Engineering

·         Animation

·         Business Studies

·         Medicine

·         Hospitality

·         Engineering Forestry

·         IT and Computer Science

·         Art and Design

·         Agriculture

·         Trades

·         Nursing

·         Sports Management

·         Health Care

Apart from these, the country is known worldwide for the courses of Animation, Computer Science and Information Technology.

Student Life in Canada

Known widely for its rich quality of life, New Zealand is known for its peaceful environment. The country has the lowest crime rate and has never witnessed major wars. The universities and institutions in New Zealand provide comparatively better student support services to all the International students. Moreover the country has strict security laws for all International students who come from various countries. In New Zealand, it is compulsory to follow the “Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students." Based on this, it is mandatory for all International students to have medical and travel insurance during the course of their study.