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10 Ways We can assist you!

Education Counselling

Planning your education pathway can be a very confusing, time-consuming and stressful event of your life. The process looks more difficult when you consider international education. A few questions may even pop-up in your mind when you consider studying abroad, for instance; Is Studying abroad really fruitful? Where should I study? What will be the documents needed for the admission and visa process? Will I be eligible for a scholarship? What will be the visa formalities and Where will I stay during the educational course? And lastly, the most important question, Which course should I choose that promises to provide me long-term returns, a fulfilling international career with corporate growth?

Apply Overseas guides you through the different courses, giving you an overview of all the opportunities you might be interested in. We lead you to the right career options by providing free career counselling, interview preparation, visa assistance, pre-departure counselling and any other services you need for assuring that you turn into a flourishing graduate. After the proper evaluation of your background, also reviewing your other extra-curricular activities and also English proficiency, our team plans out the best strategies that ensure that the applications you provide gives you highest chances of success. At Apply Overseas, we have a highly commendable track record of sending across more than 30 thousand students abroad. Perhaps, you may be next!

Country Information

In order to become a successful global graduate, choosing a country to study your preferred  course is the most initial  and important step. Get the help and guidance of India’s best education counsellors at Apply Overseas, and we promise to provide you with every detailed information on the climate, demography, people, lifestyle, culture, education system and the benefits of studying your course in the selected country. Our counsellors take your personal intention of investing on education into account, your scholarship opportunities and any other details that you consider while selecting to study abroad. However, you need to remember that education is well-taken only when you are comfortable to your surrounding habitat. Our counsellors counsel you in person and then only send you the information about the different courses and their relevant information via email.

Selection of Course

Education experts at Apply Overseas, identify your career goals, interests and map your academic history which altogether help prove as essential points while considering a course which will enhance your career position. Working hand in hand with you, we customize the course selection process, thus ensuring you only the best career options for a brighter future. Our counsellors have an updated list of courses, provided by different education institutions from all around the world. For a complete list of universities, visit our office and get free education counselling from our experienced counsellors.

Admission Guidance

The admission process and criterions vary for different institutions, and this process confuses the students looking for a brighter academic option. The internet provides you with a lot of information which further adds to the student’s confusion. At Apply Overseas, we help you to filter these details, choosing options based on your personal circumstances to the best universities and also choosing courses that are best suited for you. We keep our information updated despite the changing norms and the varying criteria of the different universities which give you the best chances of having your student application accepted. Thanks to our high acceptance rate, Apply Overseas is today recognised as one of India’s leading education consultant firms.

Financial Estimation

At Apply Overseas, we have a team of highly experienced financial advisors who calculate an anticipated cost of living, study and other accommodation expenses. We also give you the fee structure of different universities where you wish to apply. Our team of advisors keeps your interest to invest into education as the top priority, while providing you  different course, country and university options. These details help and assist you for financing your abroad education dreams.


When you are thousands of miles away from your loved ones, worrying about your safety is most common. At Apply Overseas, we are associated with over 300 education institutions across the world that are established in the world’s safest countries, as proclaimed by UNESCO. Some of these countries include, Australia, Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Dubai, Malaysia, Ireland, and many more. These countries also offer you a safe environment which further helps you to enjoy a stress-free education system.

Career Abroad

Our team of career counsellors at Apply Overseas guide you about all the career opportunities that you can acquire after the completion of your course in the abroad institutions. You can compile all these details during your study duration and keep away the fake promises you may receive from fraudulent agents who promise you jobs abroad. These jobs in reality lead you into working for unprincipled employers who give you long working hours without pay, an act against law.

Visa Assistance

With different security level threats across the world, most countries are changing their Visa policies. And if you are not aware of these policies, your visa application may get refused instantly. At Apply Overseas, our team of officials possess great experience of working in embassies across the various countries and have updated knowledge about the rules and regulations that are important for all applicants. High Visa Success rate is also one of our star achievements and Unique Selling Point, a factor that makes us a trusted education consultant by various high commissions and embassies from across the world.

Accommodation Guidance

Choosing an ideal accommodation abroad is a very challenging task, particularly when you wish to stay in good and affordable accommodation, especially when the budget for your accommodation is restricted. Every country has different options that support your finances. However, there are various factors that help you in choosing the right accommodation, such as access to transport, job location, and more. Each of these factors affect your expenses upto 20%. These savings however, can act as your ‘mini scholarship’ . The accommodation advisors at our place help you get sufficient information regarding the best accommodations and their contacts, sent by our previous intakes who studied abroad.

Travel Guidance

With the high competition between the global aircraft carriers, flying in an appropriate airline is something you should never ignore. With the high variations in the airline fares, it is important that you choose the correct airline for travelling as it will help you save a lot of your expenses. Travel advisors at Apply Overseas bestow you with complete travel information that will help you accomplish your dream to study abroad.

With these 10 steps mentioned above, we hope to help you make your mind and choose Apply Overseas to support all your dreams of a bigger and brighter future. Simply register with us and get free education counselling from our esteemed team of expert counsellors.