Our Vision Statement

Shaping careers and lives through exciting global educational opportunities

Our Mission

To enable students to unearth their potential and realise their dreams by offering international exposure, world class education and a sense of global citizenship.


At Apply Overseas we adhere to certain values that give us as a competitive edge and offer high standards of excellence in service.

  • Customer – Centric service – We believe our students and their family are the most important stake holders and beneficiaries of our service and customise our offering to guarantee 100% satisfaction. We work towards helping each student discover his inner potential and aptitude while assisting him in making sound academic choices for career enhancement.
  • High Quality & customised consultancy – At every step students seek our guidance, support and assurance in making decisions. We work relentlessly in helping students recognise their own potential and aptitude while counselling and consultancy sessions.

  • Honesty & Integrity – We maintain high standards of ethics while serving and guiding our students in every process. We guarantee security of information and keep the best interest of our clients in mind. 

  • Professionalism – At Apply Overseas we have a team of proficient experts that offer 360 degree service in seeking global education to aspiring students. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise makes the application process seem simple and enjoyable.